Sheffield traditional Fiddlers Society

The Sheffield Traditional Fiddlers Society

What We Do

The usual format of a meeting is to warm up with some familiar tunes, then a new tune may be introduced and we will play through it several times until everyone is comfortable with it. The night is punctuated by a short break when we discuss future gigs and collect the subs, then it's more playing until closing time. Occasionally we do a 'gig' where we play at a function, often charitable, and we will spend a few meetings rehearsing for the event. We have played at Bradfield Music Festival, Kelham Island Museum, on the Edale Folk Train, at Holmfirth Folk Festival, in Sheffield Town Hall and in many other venues. Everywhere we go we find the public really enjoys the music and can't understand why it isn't more widely heard, well, we're doing our best to spread it around. The meetings are not lessons exactly, more of a workshop, session and social evening rolled into one. There are no prima donnas and all are happy to share knowledge, tips, tunes and spread encouragement in abundance.